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Her Sweetness! (Poem)

Her sweet touch was as sweet as an angels kiss Her beauty never ceased to die out from the longing years of hardship Her light shines across the multitudes of different universes Her hands can cure the deeply engraved sadness of a broken man’s…

Give Yourself A Power Boost When You Feel Tired!

Take Your Life Seriously¬† If you see your life as an old boring television sitcom show, change the channel immediately before you’re trapped in limbo (which could possibly be for the rest of your life, if you’re not mindful on where you’re headed). Be…

What We Need To Recognize Today!

Everything in this walk of life is frightening at times, yet I’ve always remembered the beauty that still exists in this unbalanced world. Not everyone is born evil, and those who’ve been hated by society are able to seek redemption because there’s hope intact….