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The Super Blogger Duper Award! (C. Capablanca)

The Super Blogger Duper Award Winner: “C. Capablanca”! (https://thelightinme.home.blog/) C. Capablanca has been awarded the most prominent award in blogger history: The Super Blogger Duper Award, for best blogger in the super positivity community. C. Capablanca has played an important role in the lives of…

Juggernaut Motivation

You can do this. Don’t trick yourself into believing you are not capable of reaching a feat that does not exist inside of you. Spend as much time getting to know who you are, and build up as much faith as you can during these tough times….

You’re Going To Need A Sidekick Who Will Help You Succeed In Your Battles!

Raw power alone will not save you. The strength of a helping hand and the love of a caring friend will be your most prominent asset on the battlefield. No matter how resilient and tough you are, you will not always win your fights,…