You Were Brought Unto This Earth To Make A Difference

You’re Special To Us All

I got something to officially announce to you my friends: You were brought onto this earth like Kal-El (Superman) to make a difference in the lives of others. Don’t me get wrong, but you don’t have Supermans powers, which would be great and scary at the same time if you did.

In all honesty, we’re all gifted superhumans in some way. Some of you or most of you are professional writers at heart and spirit. Some of you are probably gifted singers, dancers, race car drivers, artists, programmers, actors, actresses, teachers, musicians, motivational speakers, mechanics, and etc. The point is, is that everyone one of you was born into this planet to do something worth while that will bring joy and happiness to oneself or to others.

Our infinite light can never die out by the dark tidal waves of failure, rejections, and the sayings that can kill a man’s or woman’s drive to succeed.

No Human Being Is Utterly Useless

Humans sometimes forget that we’re all brothers and sisters fighting the same war. A war of seeking true freedom, and fulfillment in this current life that we all live in at this very moment.

Every being on this planet has an infinite amount of worth and value. Every invention that was created by the great inventors in history all share the same thing; a positive and creative imagination. It’s impossible to be the next Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Fred Flintstone, Michael Jackson, Thomas Edison, Kanye West, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Stephen Spielberg, or Nikola Tesla. What’s possible is that you can become your own inventor. You don’t have to be someone else to succeed, because this is your story that you’re telling your loved ones or followers out there. You have the ability to create new ideas that can either save, or benefit someone’s life who’s struggling to meet ends meet.

I always here this saying that God doesn’t create useless things. In reality, you’re not a useless person. You’re a wonderful human being that has the burning potential to exceed all odds that’s stacked against you. All it takes is a jump from leaving the plantation of comfort and mediocrity, to the land of riches and dreams by taking a huge risk.

What Role Model’s Can Teach You About Life


Role Models

A role model is a person that we admire who’s successful in any field of life. This role model can be your tremendous source of inspiration, and motivation whenever you’re feeling completely down in the gutters.

Role models can essentially be a teacher, mentor, best friend, brother, sister, celebrity, actor, actress, mother, father, grandpa, grandma, or even a fictional character.

 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Fictional Characters (Prince Vegeta & Son Goku)

Lessons From Prince Vegeta (The Prince Of All Saiyans)

  1. Always rise above your limitations and never settle for second place in anything in life
  2. Stay consistent on improving yourself
  3. Remain true to your vision and dreams
  4. Never cast aside love for power
  5. Let love be your source of strength whenever you’re facing a difficult situation in life
  6. Never lose hope when you don’t see progress
  7. Don’t let anyone push you around
  8. Don’t ever create excuses for yourself, and get your sh** done
  9. It’s okay to sometimes be upset when you don’t meet a certain objective
  10. Have respect for yourself
  11. Be proud of where you come from
  12. Keep your body in maximum shape

Lessons From Son Goku

  1. Challenge yourself on a daily basis
  2. Reach new heights and never remain in the same place for the rest of your life
  3. Be yourself and smile a lot
  4. Eat a lot of food for gaining muscles
  5. Never allow fear to stop you from doing what needs to be done
  6. Create a life worth remembering
  7. Be a leader and a true friend
  8. Always forgive your worst enemies no matter what
  9. Create new opportunities in life
  10. Practice consistently on your craft
  11. Never give up… PERIOD!
  12. Be courageous


These were some lessons I’ve stored in my heart from my favorite two characters in fictional history. I hope this will help some of you gentlemen, and ladies in your daily grind towards success.



Being Alone In Life Doesn’t Make You A Loser


Being Alone Is Not Always Bad

Being alone in life doesn’t make you a loser at all. Being alone gives you the perspective of seeing yourself for who you are and what you need to work on.

I’ve spent some days by myself reflecting on my odd life. I’ve noticed many flaws and stupid mistakes from the past that I could have avoided if I’d trusted myself to face the unknown.

No matter what the opposition you throttle with in life, just remember that you’re always going to be fighting alone when you’re going through the fiery pits of hell.

Some people who you love and trust will not always be there for you. We only have ourselves when the going gets strenuous. The battles we face on a daily basis will determine if we’re going to be successful, or remain a failure until we decide not to give up or retreat to the easy victories to mediocrity.

Forging Your Spiritual Armor

From what I learn throughout my journey of life is, is that you need to build yourself up spiritually. Better yet, forge yourself a spiritual armor that will protect you from the negative influences of this world, and also from the nonexistent reality (The F.E.A.R Mindset= False Evidence Appearing Real) that we unconsciously create for ourselves.

By having a fortified spiritual armor, you’ll be able to face the hardships of life and also the mental battles when nobody is fighting alongside with you. Personally, It truly does hurt when someone you love abandons you or departs from this world while you’d always relied on them for support and guidance.

Lions (Successful Individuals) are fearsome fighters who usually stands alone when the world is stacked against them. Self-reliance is an important skill that we must all develop because life will present itself many tragedies and broken dreams that sometimes can’t be mended.

As human beings, we’re the most spectacular species in this universal. We’re unique individuals with a population of over six billion human beings on this flourishing planet of ours.

There’s always something special about everyone and even those who think they’re forgotten. God loves all of us regardless if we feel alone.

Our homeless brothers and sisters around the world, are fighting a difficult war trying to survive without any help. They long for those to understand them while they’re alone in the darkness of life.

No matter what you go through in life, always remember that you have the power to challenge yourself to survive on your own (Don’t neglect seeking out help, if you’re struggling financially, mentally, or physically). It’s vital for us all to have the ability and spiritual armor to conquer our greatest fear of being alone in life. Happiness can be found within ourselves if we look deep into our hearts, and remember who we are as a human being.

Leave Behind The Old You, And Become The Better You


The road to life is short. Many of us believe that our journey in life is long and hard, but how I see it is, is that our lifespan is limited. We’re not immortal god’s who can conquer a thousand years of sitting on our butts by not working on improving ourselves. I’m guilty of wasting many precious years being a loser, by not going after what will make me happy before I even hit the dust when I’m in my 90’s, or at least in my 120’s (If God himself allows me to live that long).

Through my experiences in life, I’ve always been told negative things about myself. I’ve believed the worst things about myself, and my life has been shaped by negative suggestions from people. Our subconscious mind is always at work. If you don’t pay attention to your words, actions, thoughts, and what enters into your mind (The subconscious mind will either take favor of your negative suggestions, or positive suggestions that will ultimately hard-wired your brain for the greater worst or the greater good)… you’re headed down a difficult road that will lead to depression, failure, misery, sadness, doubt, fear, regrets, poverty, and helplessness.

Trust me on this, because I’ve gone through many saddening days by not taking radical action on following my golden compass to my own version of success.

Time is extremely short. Our own lives as individuals should be taken care of with unconditional love and with professional care. If you don’t love yourself, I encourage you to do something that you love (You need to be passionate about it) and do it every single day without making any excuses. It can be something big or something small, but take the time every single day to just do that one thing. Provide abundance and value to your humanly unique self.

I personally regret wasting my life playing countless hours of video games, people pleasing, making endless excuses, hiding my true gift because of what others might think of me, watching a large amount of television/ movies, eating food’s that’s killing me (Junk food’s), being on social media, allowing fear to dictate my life, being shy, and always being indecisive.

Don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past. Your life is your greatest asset, take good care of yourself, and pay the price for true freedom. The freedom of living the life you truly seek and desire for yourself or family is always worth fighting for. Freedom does come with a heavy price, and you must be willing to make a huge sacrifice to see the twilight stars come to fruition. Live courageously and remember; the moment you don’t make a move on going after what you want is the moment you’ve created your own misery that will lead to regrets. 

Make A Choice For Your Life


Make your loved ones proud by doing what makes you happy. I mean it by all means. If you’re not doing what you love at this moment, you’ll only be disappointing yourself, not to mention the feeling of regrets will only haunt you for the rest of your life.

The universe is infinite, so is our creative mind and unwavering determination. Nothing should be holding you back at all, not even the universe itself.

Remember this: Our life can be taken away any day now, so what are you going to do now at this very moment?