Love Will Be Found

I would had never thought I would love such an incredible person like you.

Not only do you inspire me, motivate me, and even love me, but you give me a greater purpose to keep going.

Who ever you are out there, I’ll be waiting for you.

I sincerely still believe in true love. I believe that it still exists out there.

Before in the past, I had always hated love itself, but as I live in the present moment, I certainly believe in the true power of love.

The rarest heart is like a fossil that’s needed to be discovered. It might take me a million days to find you, but I’ll never stop searching for you until we are together in harmony.

The Power Of A Loving Heart


Love is a fragment of strength, persistence, hope, faith, courage, creativity, and imagination. Without possessing love in one’s heart, we would be driven to a state of anger, frustration, misery, hatred, envy, jealousy, malice, vengefulness, rage, vanity, greed, and selfishness.

The power of love is unbeatable when the stakes are against those who carry love as an infinite shield.

We do live in a fifty-fifty sided world that is split into a two-sided coin. We have the loving and caring people, and we have the negative minded people who only sees the worst in everything. Not to mention, the negative minded people cause trouble and strife against its brother’s and sister’s.

We live in an equally balanced world that represents a yin/yang.

Love in its own sense does outweigh the negative forces tremendously. No matter how much negative energy you may have, you can’t blast your way through an unmovable mountain that has bathed in the pool of love.

Love is something that you can’t take away from someone’s heart, no matter how terrifying and powerful you presume yourself to be.







What Can I Say: You’re The Real Star Whether You Believe It Or Not!


It’s high time that you realize that you hold the pen to your life’s story.

Stop living on autopilot mode, and start taking immediate control on writing your success story.

You’re an incredible person whether you see it in yourself or not. I see something in you that I hope you can see inside yourself: You’re A God Given Opportunity That Can Change The World. 

“The Flower That Blooms In Adversity Is The Most Rare And Beautiful Of Them All.” –  The Emperor, Mulan (1998) Film 





Question Yourself: Inner Dialogue?

Have You Been Saying These Sayings Often?

It’s not worth it anymore

I’m just not motivated to do anything

I’m too fat

I’m not smart enough to do math or science

I’ve always been a loser most of my life, so why should I try my best?

Everybody thinks I’m ugly

I’m a failure

I can’t leave that terrible job that’s making me sad

Who could ever love a person like me?

I can’t find a job because I’ve been fired from 60 jobs in the past

God doesn’t love a nobody like me

I should just give up on my dreams since I’m getting nowhere

I’m just sick and tired of everything that’s been happening in my life

I can’t feel happy about myself because I’m always depressed

Nobody doesn’t understand me or love me at all

Why do people hate me?

Ask yourself?

Can I change my own inner dialogue, and also change my own life for the better? 

What can I do to be the next millionaire as a 60-year-old man or woman?

How can I attract the right man or woman in my Life?

What makes me ultimately attractive?

What makes me get up everyone morning?

Why do I choose to live?

What makes me happy?

What am I passionate about?

How can I self-discipline myself?

How can I be overall successful in my finances, health, relationship, business, job, or life in general?

How can I be a positive influence today?

How will my actions/words change the lives of others?

What is my ultimate goal in life that I must act on at this moment?

How can I get myself out of debt within six months?

How can I change my attitude?

How can I utilize my time effectively?

How can I quit my job, and do something that will make me even happier?

What can I do that will make an impact on the world today?

What can I do that nobody has done before?

What steps can I take to get to point A to point B?

Ask Yourself

At the end of the day, are you pleased with yourself for believing in those naughty lies you’ve been telling yourself for most of your life?


Are you pleased, by applying the positive questionnaires you’ve been asking yourself that has tremendously changed your life?



You’re The Chosen One (Don’t Neglect Your Life’s Mission For An Easy Life)


The Chosen One 

You’re not an average person because you’re capable of becoming an extraordinary human being. It’s not my place to grant you infinite power and wisdom, however, it’s your calling to choose whatever path you seek. You’re the chosen one for a reason. There was a reason for your existences in this life. You can draw upon the willingness to thrive on whatever you seek with a strong desire and determine mindset. All the good things come from following your own journey. The chosen one doesn’t neglect his or her calling. Failure to act in accordance with your role will not only be detrimental to you, but it will cripple you for life if you don’t follow your own way.

A Leader Who Bears The Chosen Mark To Lead (Everyone Has The Power To Lead)

Me and Harley Quinn!

Self-confidence along with self-discipline are the two key factors of being a great leader.  Everyone one of us has the chosen mark to actually lead others in a chosen field that suits our hearts and desires. If you’re not doing something you love, you will not easily develop self-confidence nor self-discipline. Doing something you simply love will help you become an excellent leader and teacher. Being the chosen one has the best perks and qualities that you can earn, but only if you’re willing to accept the mantle-hood of becoming a leader and friend to others.

Simple Tools That Might Be Helpful Towards Fulfilling Your Role, As The Chosen One 

  • Start By Creating The Best You (Building up your own self-worth by doing the most challenging things that will help you succeed)
  • Read as many books on your chosen field
  • Create Value On Building A life That Others Dream About On A Daily Basis (Lead those who truly seek freedom from the rat race or 9 to 5 lifestyle, that is making them miserable)
  • Eliminate Fear Once In For All (By all means, take care of this problem with every ounce of effort and mental strength that you have)
  • Strengthen Your Voice, Body, and Spirit
  • See The Good In Everything
  • Challenge Your Mindset To Not Think Of The Worst Case Scenario’s
  • Believe Yourself To Be The Person You Want To Be (Don’t let the past hinder you from growing into becoming the chosen one)
  • Take As Many Good Risks As You Can (Accept Failure, And Keep Moving Forward As Would A Samurai Would Do)
  • Build Yourself A Chosen One Resume (It can simply look like a job resume except, this is your official job of becoming the chosen one. List all of the qualities you want to obtain and the skills sets you want to develop or learn)
  • Remember, You’re A Student Becoming The Chosen One. Seek A Mentor Or Teacher Who Has An Interest In Your Vision. Allow Them To Guide You Along The Bandwagon.  Every leader was once a student before they became a marvelous leader.
  • Keep On Failing. Don’t Let Failure Become Your Universal Enemy, But Let It Become Your Teacher. We’re Always Taking A Test Every Single Day. The Final Exam Is Something We Must Be Ready For.

The Chosen Path Is The Hardest Path To Take

We will be hated and jeered at by following the chosen path. In the final moment of our lives, had we done what needed to be done. Was it worth it being laughed at, being hated, getting rejected, being a black sheep, and also being cursed upon by tragedies? Only you can answer that question for yourself by knowing was it worth it in the end?

The only thing you should mainly fear in life is not following the chosen path that will transform you into the most superlative person. Regret is not someone you should meet at the end of your life.

Consider yourself the chosen one, and allow your enthusiasm and tenacity to generate the greatest asset that lies within you.




How I Define The True Meaning Of Freedom?


Stairway To Untapped Potential 

Walking along the stairway to true freedom requires a sacrifice. True freedom requires you to sacrifice the easy way of living life and to endure a more difficult life that leads to a beautiful future. If you’re currently working on yourself while others are not, be the change that nobody would expect of you. When you personally decide that’s high time to change the bad version of yourself to the best version of yourself that had never existed, you’ll soon realize the unlimited potential you have to succeed in your scuffles.

Freedom: How I Define It For Myself, And So Should You!

To actually live a life that brings the rising warrior in you, and to be able to live your dream life with no limitations/restrictions by debt, a job that is not fulfilling, misfortunate life circumstances, and having the need to please everyone.

The pathway to freedom requires the greatest the sacrifice.

Making a sacrifice of feeling like you’re inferior to the world, not believing in the divine faith of oneself, believing that you’ll always be in poverty, and lastly, not believing in your ultimate self that can transcend beyond this reality by changing your thoughts and habits.

Whatever you’re going through in this life, it’s okay to cry and to be sad when life gets out of control. Just remember that you’re capable of creating your own freedom that requires the lion-hearted soul to persevere through calamity.

Helpful Tip

If you’re stuck in an overbearing amount of debt, sell whatever possession that doesn’t serve your needs, start your own dream business, work as many hours as you need to reach your income goal towards financial freedom (Don’t overwork yourself to your deathbed), or create your own job by having a side hustle (Gardening, Cutting Grass, Selling Your Own Art Work, Uber, Making Music, Writing Articles/ Books, Photography, and etc.).

Write A Story For Yourself Of What Freedom Likes For You (You’ll Be Facing The World’s Mightiest Challenges) 

If you want to move to South Korea or Singapore, write yourself a story on how you’re going to reach that chapter, within maybe the next five to ten years or less. You’re always in charge of writing your own story on a day-to-day basis. Life gravitates on what you initiate for yourself.

I know it’s a sin to blame others for your own calamities and setbacks in life, but pay attention to your actions that you’ve taken in the past and the present moment.  With every action you’ve taken, have you impacted the world by following your own story, or have you lived a life as a prisoner of people’s opinions and misleading pieces of advice to financial hell and broken dreams?

If so, I encourage you to take a step forward and reevaluate yourself completely until you know what you seek in the road to true freedom.

People will either uplift you and encourage your tenacity to strive for true freedom, or they will massacre your existences until all of your particles lie a waste in the dust.

Don’t be a fool to entrust your benevolent superpower’s to the people you trust (That can sometimes be a toxic family member or friend) that has a history of exploiting/ draining other people’s superpowers towards their own liking.

Be vigilant and superior towards your walk in the stairway that leads to the unforeseen future of abundance and fulfillment.

You’re in charge of writing your own story that leads to freedom, not your boss, your parents, or your friends, but you alone are in charge of completing your spectacular novel. I hope I get the chance to read it soon.


Life Is One Big Maze That We Must All Go Through


Sometimes Life Seems Like A Maze

There are those days when I feel like I’m going the right way, and there are also many of those days that I feel like I’m going completely the wrong way. It seems quite puzzling not knowing exactly if you should trust your own intuition when following through a goal, or to be exact a dream.

Nevertheless, life is all about walking through the uncertain maze that will lead you to dead ends, or excellent opportunities that lie hidden within the maze. It won’t always be easy finding your way out, but if you keep on moving and working out a concrete plan to reach the end of the golden brick road, surely you’ll be surprised that there’s always a way out of the maze.

Many that walk through the maze of life will never find their way out. Here are ten reasons why:

10 Reason’s Why You’re Stuck In The Maze

  1. Not following your own vision
  2. Lack of Self-Discipline/ Faith In Oneself
  3. Procrastination
  4. Overconsumption of negativity
  5. Lack of positive energy
  6. Creating a life story of excuses for… Inaction/ Being Indecisive about making prompt decisions  
  7. Listening to negative people who will derail your goals by negative inflicting words
  8. Lack of Self-Confidence
  9. Believing that you’re too old to be successful
  10. Allowing yourself to remain in your comfort zone for the rest of your life

I can relate to most of these that I just stated on this list. In our daily walk of life, we should be well prepped to overcome the adversities and limitations, that will shatter us like a glass cup if we don’t sustain ourselves with the water of faith and positivity.

Find Your Way Out Of The Maze


Only the open-minded, curious, and well-driven individuals will make their breakthrough out of the maze. Once we start accepting who we really are as a person, and what we can offer that’s valuable to others, we can start to see the narrow way out of the maze. Only very few people in the walk of life will be successful, which is why it’s important for you to be different and have your own set of rules to follow.