Rise Above Hell Because The Devil Isn’t Soo Jolly At All!

Fight the devil that’s inside of you. You may not be able to slay the Immortal Satan, but the God given potential that you possess can overcome the adversary.

Rise above your negative feelings. Crush your pride and walk with grace. Have a strong motivation to live. Live your life as a Gladiator who’s willing to fight in the midst of blood and sand.

Let no one kill your dreams, let nothing kill your spirit, let no fearful thoughts stop you from growing.

Rise on top as a mighty universal warrior who possesses the power as a celestial being. Destroy every single imaginary demon that’s your greatest fears.

Rise above the hellish demonic forces that’s slowly tearing you apart. Be ruthless and cunning against the evil that preys among you.

Let your light shine as a warrior with unwavering faith. Become the destroyer of evil, and become the bringer of peace.

Don’t Reveal Your Ace Cards To The People Who Want To Destroy You

Far off in the distant lands, dreams do exist for a definite purpose and an exceptional reason for you alone. The need to play all of your cards out on the battlefield will not only leave an opening that will hit you face forward, but many external/internal attacks will also come from every direction to strike you down. Be prepared to defend yourself!

It’s fairly important to have your ace cards up your sleeves when people are trying to take you down. Whether that’s calling you nasty races slurs, crushing your dreams, bullying you, calling you out on every mishap in your life, reminding you of your past, telling you that you’ll never amount to anything, or making rash judgments of your character.

The ace cards that are up sleeves should be kept a secret. Let alone, the ace cards that you have up your sleeves will be your tools towards your journey of freedom, prosperity, success, personal growth, a family of your own, and a fellowship of new friends and mentors. Each of these cards contains a power that’s incredibly beyond your own comprehension. Many of those who don’t see greatness in you, will only just see you like a spider that deserves to be crushed.

Spiders are feared by millions of people in the world. Why do people fear spiders? They’re terrifying freakish insects. They also leave nasty bite marks too.

Think of yourself as a spider. People fear you because you’re a threat. Not necessarily a threat like Venom, but a threat that can change humanity for a greater purpose.

In order to change the world, you must go beyond the opinions of what people believe of you, and become a boundless being with infinite might.

Never reveal the ace cards that will grant you success in your life, if you do, the parasites who lingering in the day, and night will ultimately destroy you on the battlefield.


A “New Hope” Can Be Found Today!

IMG_5524 A new hope can be found today.

It’s possible to laugh and smile after a rough breakup, it’s possible to find peace in a situation that’s out of our control, it’s possible to believe in yourself when you feel like you’ve failed over 100,000 times in a row, it’s possible to grow stronger and smarter because you have the power to do what’s needed to be done, and it’s possible to change the world today by living in a state of faith, hope, love, determination, bravery, and persistence.

A new hope lives inside of you.

Hope, can be discovered in the vast wasteland of troubles, depression, fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, poverty, and servitude.

As long as you seek, a new hope in your life and pursue your dreams and goals, you’ll never have to live in the darkness for the rest of your life.


No Makeup Will Ever Make You Beautiful Enough Because God Loves You The Way You Are

architecture-back-view-daylight-1211847 No Makeup Can Take Away The Real You

God loves you no matter what you say about yourself. No makeup of any sort can’t hide the real you. The real you is a magnificent gift from The Divine Universal Creator Himself. True beauty is found within the heart and soul.

What’s important for you, is to know that you’ll always be beautiful no matter what. Looks do not matter to God. He still thinks you’re beautiful whether you keep calling yourself fat or ugly. Heavenly Father still deems you as a stunning masterpiece. Never judge yourself harshly because of the societal high expectations of what true beauty needs to looks like.

Put down that fashion magazine, and also stop following into the Hollywood trends on how beauty is defined.

You’re always beautiful because God says so, and that’s final. You can’t debate on that tough love can ya.


Evolution Limit Breaker

The stakes are set high. You’re in a battle that’s a life and death situation. You don’t have the strength or willpower to keep on fighting, but something in you speaks a never forgotten lesson.

“Don’t you ever lose again! We’ve lost many battles from the past because you’d made many lame excuses as to why you’re not strong enough, brave enough, handsome enough, intelligent enough, and rich enough! We’ve been through a lot. We’ve gone through the best times of our life, and even the worst times of our life.

Why now. Why now should you just give up? You made mistakes just like everyone else, and guess what… life doesn’t end there! Life keeps on going as the way it should. As long as you’re alive today, you must keep on living and keep fighting till heart body can’t lift itself up. Fight until your body is broken down into dust, fight until your mind is about to explode as a supernova, fight until your heart gives out, fight until you your tears have just run out, fight until you’ve finally made it to the top of Mt.Everest.

One last thing, If you ever quit on me, I’ll keep reminding on your greatest accomplishments you’d made in this life. You’re not a loser, so stop living like one. Your life isn’t worthless, and you know you can make a difference. Believe in your abilities and make me proud. I’m not always here to fight against you. I’m apart of you, your good conscience side. I’m your only true friend who can’t help you quit any addictions, overcome any barriers, fight any challenges, and make you do incredible things that will change your life forever. I want you to trust me on this, no matter what happens in life I’ll always be there for you. You and I are limit breakers. We can overcome anything because we work as a team.

Am I Living My All Today?


Am I Living My All Today?

What does this question say to you? Are you living at your best self, or are you just living day by day without even trying?

I’m hoping your definite answer is living at your best. Going through the motion of feeling tired, weak, depressed, angry, shy, broke, unhappy, and unfulfilled, is not the best position to be in at all.

The best solution I can offer you is to “Live Today”, and do everything that’s important to you. Whether that’s blogging, drawing, singing, playing an instrument, working on your business ideas, investing in stocks, studying new topics, going after your dreams, having the courage to asking out that special person on a date, or living life as your best self; whatever it may be, start living your life as if you only had one day to live.

We don’t determine if we are invincible to survive the calamities of life. There’s no such thing as living forever, however, there’s such a thing as dying any day or any year from now.

So if I were you, start making some changes honey because tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us.

Start making positive changes today. Start going after your dreams and goals with a persistent heart. Start living life as a courageous Lion. Start believing in yourself. Start feeling the love in your heart. Start investing in yourself whether that’s learning a new skill, building up your brand, going back to college for a degree that’s in demand, reading books that will lead you to success, and lastly creating a successful ground-plan of action. Take action on what needs to be taken care of TODAY!

Anything can happen to you today, but you do have a choice every single second and day on what you do for yourself and for others. Be grateful for being alive today because you have many more experiences to discover for yourself. Living, in general, is an adventure that has many trials and lessons that we can gain a broader perspective of who we are.

If we stay on one island for the rest of our lives, how would we gain a true understanding of what the world truly looks like? Or, what it holds for us?

It’s high time that all of us start living as valiant adventurers. Adventures lead to beautiful stories, lessons, hardships, trials and tribulations, new companions, heartaches, sadness, experiences, riches, love, and not to mention, a newer version of yourself is made.

Are you living at your best today? If so, don’t let anyone or anything stop you from progressing. Death is waiting for you on a daily basis, so do what’s needed to be done asap. Live in the beast mode mindset. Continue on tackling your limitations. Live as an invincible Lion.

“To win any battle, you must fight as if you are already dead.” – Miyamoto Musashi


Keep On! Keep On!

Keep on writing and keep on living.

Keep on smiling and keep on shining.

Keep on dancing and keep on raising your positive vibes.

Keep on spreading kindness and keep on being the best version of yourself.

Keep on doing and keep on learning.

Keep on singing and keep on shouting out your dreams.

Keep on evolving as a supercomputer and keep on expanding your knowledge.

Keep the faith the alive, and keep the vision alive.