Season Of The Warrior! Will You Choose To Be One?

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Season Of The Warrior

Warriors are defined by many names. Usually, a warrior can be defined as a conqueror, a destroyer, an eternal fighter, a valiant vessel, a barbarian, a tactician, a limitless powerhouse, a vagabond, a ronin, a bringer of death, a kind and benevolent soul, an honorable man and woman, an overachiever, and the list can go on for days, if you’re following me on what I’m trying to point out here.

So, let’s follow the trail of warriorhood.

What A Warrior Is Made Up Of?

Foggy days seem incredulous to a normal person whose eyes are frightened of the unknown. Only the bravest and honorable one can see what can’t be seen.

No limitations can deter a warrior who has walked a thousand miles and who has seen the horrors of life, not to mention, the beauty of life that’s behind the mist of evil. Warriors have been seasoned to face any threat that can destroy someone in an instant if they’re not mindful of what they’re up against.

There are devils out in this world, who are going to cause harm to you and your loved ones.

Sharpen your blades of knowledge. Keep your eyes open to hidden attacks all around you. Season yourself with enhanced capabilities of overcoming the adversity’s that lies ahead of the crippling bridge towards self-freedom.

It’s time to be prepared for the worst, and for the best of many days to come for a warrior who’s determined to give life a run for its money!

Envision A Life That’s Worth Having Before It’s Too Late!


Life seems like it’s dead by what we see in the darkness, but there’s hope by envisioning yourself living a life as a free man, and as a free woman who can see a clear light.

Living life in a world of confusion, negativity, gossiping, pleasure, greed, control, power, violence, racism, hate, anger, depression, jealousy, lies, deception, and malice, is not a world we should keep catering to any longer.

One life is to be lived to the fullest without any compromises, and we must fight for our given purpose to live in an endless world of happiness. We can set the bar on however high we choose to! Happiness is a free gift that is ours for the taking, regardless of what’s taking place in our own lives.

Happiness can be found, by creating your own opportunities that will lead you to a beautiful life that exists outside of the dome. We must forge our own destiny by pushing ourselves to do whatever that’s beyond us. Operate at 120% in whatever it is, that creates¬†flourishing life inside of your vessel!

Realize that you can be free from the evil that’s out there. Envision a life that will bring you unimaginable hope, strength, unwavering faith, self-sustainable inner drive, a persistent heart, and lastly an infinite source of endless creativity.

Take action whether you feel tired, or incapable of doing something that seems many leagues away from you. Work endlessly and have a clearly defined plan on being a free man and a free woman. No good-hearted person deserves to live an unhappy life. Raise yourself to a level that’s inhuman (superhuman or extraordinary).

If you see yourself living in a world of abundance, start creating that life today. Take the first step on bettering yourself before it’s too late to do so.



Season Yourself As Warrior, Because You’ll Face Loneliness In The Future!

If you can see through the facade of what’s hidden in plain sight, you’re going to be on a journey of mockery and loneliness.

When you start waking up on what’s actually taking place in this world, you have two choices to decide for yourself; you can either hide from the absolute sickening truth, or you can accept the ugly truth, while taking initiative action and moving forward in your life as an lone warrior.

The majority of people HATE hearing the defining truth, that can set them free from a damaging system that’s fueled by negativity.

No fabricated lie can’t save you from the damnation of misery and pain. If you’re aware of what’s around you, be deeply cautious as a warrior who has been seasoned by the light to see through the darkness. Escape from the real darkness that may exist in you, or the world around you.

Mold yourself on a daily basis to become a mighty warrior. Become fierce, bold, powerful, kind, limitless, courageous, faithful, humble, educated, adventurous, mentally unbreakable, and fearless.

Step away from the normality world, and look within yourself to see what’s absolutely true.

Educate yourself to the fullest, and walk away from the matrix reality, for good!

Reading A Book Will Save Your Life!

Reading a book is better than watching tv. Reading comic books is better than watching any superhero films.

In general, reading a book or comic book is more productive and spiritually nourishing. Getting sucked into the fantasy, or nonfiction world is by far an incredible experience when you’re deeply invested in any story that captures your eyes and imagination.

Reading a book can teach many aspects of life whether that’s becoming a superhero with outstanding morals and values, chasing a specific goal or dream, finding peace in your heart, falling in love and also understanding the principles of love, appreciating the sentimental values of life, and becoming a better person for the sake of humanity.

I love reading non-fiction, comic books, science fiction, adventure tales, manga books, fantasy tales, mystery novels, and educational topics.

Reading has literally been my best friend since 2016. I have this deep connection with understanding an esoteric tone that some readers can relate to. The power of reading is infinite and rewarding. Your imagination kicks in like a rocket ship that’s ready to lift off into space. Sometimes it’s a pleasurable gift just reading interesting stories that make you fall in love with a book or become deeply depressed after going on an epic long ride.

Reading is a life-changing gift that has become apart of my life. I’ll never be satisfied in my life If I ever gave up on reading. Picking up an amazing book that could change your life is definitely rewarding.

Key Reward’s: Reading a book for at least 1 hour day can help you improve your reading comprehension, vocabulary, imagination, creativity, and your writing skills.

Never stop reading because the benefits, and experiences are worth the journey of finding fulfillment in this life (My personal opinion).

You’re Going To Need A Sidekick Who Will Help You Succeed In Your Battles!

Raw power alone will not save you. The strength of a helping hand and the love of a caring friend will be your most prominent asset on the battlefield. No matter how resilient and tough you are, you will not always win your fights, by fighting alone. Having a sidekick will save you the trouble of getting your tail kicked around by a powerful threat. Don’t be soo rash minded on believing that you’re the Mighty Thor or Man Of Steel (Superman) who can take on any planetary threats. Even Thor and Superman needed some assistance, to win their fights against an overwhelming threat that could destroy the world or even a multiverse.

What We Need To Recognize Today!

I’m no Grand Master or DragonSlayer, I’m but a wanderer seeking self-freedom¬†from the facade of lies and deception.

Everything in this walk of life is frightening at times, yet I’ve always remembered the beauty that still exists in this unbalanced world.

Not everyone is born evil, and those who’ve been hated by society are able to seek redemption because there’s hope intact.

Humans by nature are selfish, negative minded, hateful, bullies, tormentors, crazy in their own ways, mean, cruel, greedy, hostile, malicious, spiteful, gossipers, envious, prideful, hopeless, depressed, and utterly toxic.

No human being on planet Earth is a saint like Jesus Christ. The majority of all of us are imperfect human beings with an ugly counterpart. Try dodging a bullet on that one!

Out of due respect and love, stop pretending to be a god that can live for eternity, and live your life as a mortal with only one life to live that’s running out soon. Live your life with hope and respect for those who need healing. Life, as it is, is already spiraling down a black hole by all of the toxicity that’s already being accepted as something that’s normal. We gotta unplugged ourselves from the evilness that’s being promoted from those who want to see us be divided.

We’re not perfect whatsoever, let alone we have to fight a greater enemy which is our own evil demented entity that lives in our mind.

Be careful of your daily actions, and have your eyes set on a path of self-freedom from a world that doesn’t love the sight of unity as brothers and sisters.

Not everyone will come into an agreement of seeking unity, just as Magneto¬†disagrees with Professor Xavier about Mutants and Humans coexisting as brothers and sisters. The only weapon that can ever save this world is true love. Hate is the destruction of all things, and it surely doesn’t promote peace as a fine fact.



Be Driven By Your Passions And Hobbies

Let your hobbies, and your passions be your drive to succeed in life. If there’s something you love, and you can never shut up about what it is that you love, you’re definitely in the right place in your life.

Never forsake who you are as a person with unique characteristics. Don’t change for the sake of pleasing your crush, a friend, or your parents. Let your hobbies and passion be your light in the darkness. Be your own creative superhero, do the things that most people can’t do, and believe in yourself no matter what.

Love what you do, and turn it into a job that will never seem like repetitive work.

Everyday is a miracle to live as a person who can do more, and nothing less. Strive on forward to your dreams and let your eminent power flow through you.