The Super Blogger Duper Award! (C. Capablanca)

I’m still learning how to draw lol.

The Super Blogger Duper Award Winner: “C. Capablanca”! (

C. Capablanca has been awarded the most prominent award in blogger history: The Super Blogger Duper Award, for best blogger in the super positivity community. C. Capablanca has played an important role in the lives of others, she is definitely the MVP in what she does.

Her writing is purely magical and limitless! – Unknown Fan

I see the brightest days, and warmest nights by her words of wisdom. Learning how to fly in life had been a struggle for me, but I’d learned a few new tricks from someone who had kept me going.

Heroes do exist in the blogging community! (You’re loved C.Capablanca!) – Super Blogger Critic 

C. Capablanca is a powerful writer with a heart of a thousand suns. She truly cares about others and sees the good in people. No matter how bad you have fallen deep into the abyss, she will always lend you a helping hand. She doesn’t judge anyone, she inspires others to grow into a person worth being loved. She loves everyone which why she’s awesome!

C. Capablanca is the real superwoman to this world. She may be able to bend the fabric of reality because her heart is in the right place of making beautiful changes. No matter how bad the world gets, she’s always lifting others up from the ground and spreading love to the helpless.

Enlightened by the power of love, has made C. Capablanca a victorious woman to humanity. With an incredible beautiful heart, C.Capablanca reminds me of a famous anime character from the film, Howl’s Moving Castle (Sophie), By Hayao Miyazaki.

Thank you for being my friend, and an inspiration to me. Keep flying towards a peaceful future of hope, love, faith, tenderness, and kindness.

Do yourself a favor… never lose heart C.Capablanca! 🙂



Her Sweetness! (Poem)

Her sweet touch was as sweet as an angels kiss

Her beauty never ceased to die out from the longing years of hardship

Her light shines across the multitudes of different universes

Her hands can cure the deeply engraved sadness of a broken man’s heart

Hear tears are my tears

Her eyes tell a tale’s of adventures

Her vision is unmovable and unbounded

Her power level is beyond any super being

Her warm hug pushes me to rise above my fears and hardships

Her kiss brings a smile to my face

Her neverending encouragement increases my intelligence and my spiritual growth

Her existences brings forth an abundance of meaning to my life



Legend Has It That You’re Worth More Than A Piece Of Gold Brick!


The Gold Brick Vs The Golden Heart 

Gold. Gold is worth a lot, wouldn’t you say? I take it you’ll become a rich fellow if you were able to obtain a vast amount of wealth and treasures for yourself. Don’t worry, it can’t be helped by just spinning around in a circle in your mind, just thinking about a future where it’s raining gold bricks on top of your pool. That would seriously be wicked! Well to be honest, seriously cool in my deepest opinion.

Where am I’m getting at with this, you might wonder in that big brilliant brain of yours? If you wanna know, put on your seatbelts because the ride is going to be slow as a slug trying to inject some superhero serum to become faster than the speeding Bullet Train.

Gold is not merely the highest riches to obtain, because the Gold you’re looking for will not take you up to the afterlife of pure contentment. It’s meaningless to be chasing the riches of Gold. You’re chasing an endless amount of cheese on a spinning wheel with no chief aim, or greater purpose that will satisfy your will to live.

The real Gold that can be found, is in you.  Money, Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Gold, and Silver can’t compare to your living embodiment of uniqueness.

It’s sad to realize in life, that whenever you work for a company for over 10 to 30 years, you find out that you’ve been replaced. To the eyes of society, you’re replaceable.

Heart-wrenching it is to suffer a fate, of not being valued for your services to the world and to your community. People don’t realize that most the greatest, and the most powerful gem exist inside themselves.

There’s value in all of us. We’re worth more than a billion dollar check, and we’re definitely worth more than Mansa Musa’s entire wealth. Nothing can dispel the value of who you are as a person of unique characteristics.




Be A Lone Cowboy Or Be Apart Of The Cattle Herd!

Sometimes you gotta let the crowd laugh at you for being dorky. Don’t let the word weird trigger you like a Gatling gun on a hot summer day in the west, mr.cowboy, and ms. cowgirl.

This is how I define weird; wonderful, extraordinary, infinite, real, and divine.

So if somebody judges you for being a dork, or a weirdo for liking something with no bounds of creative energy or having a different approach to life, ignore them and enjoy being the happiest person in the wild-wild-west. They don’t see the glory that you see within your beautiful self.

I take it there’s a huge bounty on you, for being weird.

Give Yourself A Power Boost When You Feel Tired!


Take Your Life Seriously 

If you see your life as an old boring television sitcom show, change the channel immediately before you’re trapped in limbo (which could possibly be for the rest of your life, if you’re not mindful on where you’re headed).

Be more adventurous as you can because living in your thoughts is utterly useless. Imagining a life worth daydreaming about is fine and all, but in the long run, each minute, each hour, each day, and each year is being wasted by living in your head. The more you entertain your thoughts, while you never decide to take action on a dream will only bring in miss misery into your story.

If you got something to live for, be alive in the present, and look at all the options you have in your personal arsenal of creative tools to innovate a life that can free you from boredom and depression.

Don’t fear the hidden superpowers that dwells inside of you.

I’ve noticed, I possess uncanny superhuman abilities that has moved me towards an astonishing level (every one of us has uncanny superhuman abilities). The power of having a passion, the power of having a strong vision, the power of having a family, the power of being your own best friend, the power of being in love, the power of being genuinely free, the power of being a leader, and the power of becoming an actual superhero.

I’m nowhere near superhero level yet, but each day gives me a purpose of becoming someone who’s believed in change.

On most days, I feel tired. I feel like giving up on important dreams, and goals of mine that have made me stronger for the past few years. My negativity seems to be overwhelming at times, but I know that my heart wants me to be happy no matter how angry I may be on my worst days.

I’m not here to let you any of you down. I’m just a human being finding freedom from the evil that’s around, and I strongly believe in the power of generating positive energy. Positive energy is a power, we all knowingly can generate within ourselves to boost our levels of tenacity.

My strongest boost that has helped me stay positive; is my family, my close friends, my drive to keep love alive in my heart towards finding the right one, my vision, my dreams, my goals, knowing who Jesus is, and my blogger friend (you know who you are!)

No motivational videos can give you the strongest power boost to keep you motivated, positive, alive, healthy, and happy.

Love, by all means, has been my main driving force during the most difficult times of my life. I’m always apologizing, I’m always trying to make an effort to love those who drive me nuts, I’m always making an effort finding true love even though I’ve failed hundreds of times, I’m always trying to come up with a plan towards traveling the world and living abroad while I don’t possess the funds, and I’m always making an effort in believing myself by doing something that drives me to success.

I’m Doing This Because Of You

I’m doing this because I want you to be proud of me. I’m doing this so that you’ll always love me for making a difference in your life. I’m doing this because I want to be a superhero worth remembering. I’m doing this because I want to really live. I’m doing this because I want to reach my fullest potential. I’m doing this because my life is short. I’m doing this because you mean a lot to me.



Darkest Days Will Come To An End

The darkest days will not last forever. For the warrior of hope fears not what comes ahead of his or her waking days amongst the living.

Warriors from the land of the dead may rise above and try to overpower you, let alone they might obliterate you. Don’t let that fearful thought tamper with your spirit.

Wielding the sword of everlasting hope will not only destroy the warriors of the dead, but they’ll also fall back to depths of their imprisonment.

Juggernaut Motivation

You can do this. Don’t trick yourself into believing you are not capable of reaching a feat that does not exist inside of you.

Spend as much time getting to know who you are, and build up as much faith as you can during these tough times. Believe me, you’re going to need to build yourself up into a juggernaut that’s clearly unstoppable.

Incoming missile strikes are all around you, so I’d recommend you to build up some insane durability, during your battles in life. You got one life to protect and to defend. Protect your life with every ounce of strength you possess.