The Beauty Of Learning How To Draw

Hey, Y’all! I’m back after a long break. I hope every one of you is having a great year so far. I’ve procrastinated on writing on this blog for certain reasons, however, I’m back and ready.

During the winter break, I’d taught myself how to draw basic cartoon characters. The process isn’t easy when you’re starting out at a beginners level. Once you enjoy the process of learning how to draw, everything starts to become easier for you.

I could spend hours now drawing animated or retro cartoon character’s.

I’d doubted my ability to draw because I countlessly believed drawing was impossible to do at my age. All in all, I proved my doubts wrong in this category.

If you want to learn how to draw, I would recommend learning from an expert artist. I’m no expert on this topic, however, I would recommend you, folks, to go on YouTube and search up tutorials on learning how to draw at a beginners level.

Consistency pays off when you’re just having fun drawing a simple circle or line.

It’s never too late to start learning how to draw. I was never born with the gift of an artist, nor did I ever possess the talent whatsoever to draw.

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