Doubt Is The Killer Of All Realities!


Doubt is dangerous. Doubt is responsible for taking away people’s superpowers by mere words of negativity. Doubt does a splendid job by reminding you of the past failures, mistakes, humiliations, and the soo called self-made limitations.

I’m here to tell you, folks, that having a doubtful mind won’t help you. Doubt is nothing more than a progression stopper. The spirit of doubt will keep you comfortable by living a life of excuses.

It won’t always be easy believing in yourself. No matter how much pain you’ve experienced throughout the cycle of life’s tragedies and failures, doubt will always be barking at your front lawn nonstop. Only you can decide to awaken the heavenly call of a good friend who deeply loves you. I’m referring to that good friend that lives inside of you. A friend who can lift you up from the self-doubt phase.

Building yourself up is a daunting challenge. We should all know this by the promising human flaws that we all possess. Only when you’re serious enough to seek change, your mind will be there to remind you of what areas need to be worked on. Flaws that you suffer with, will need some watering and planting of some good seeds of your hard labor (work).

Perfection won’t always be perfect. Doubting yourself because you’d failed to perfect something within yourself, or a certain skill can easily decimate your confidence. Remember this: All we can do in this life, is to challenge the trails of self-doubt, and never run back to the old trails where we had countlessly walked in utter dismay.

Doubt is the killer of all realities. Envisioning the world you once loved will be difficult to recreate if you are stuck in the doubtful limbo phase.

Can I offer you one stupid piece of advice? Buy your self a ticket to the Himalayas, and climbed Mount Everest without ever doubting yourself. But seriously, don’t take my advice on climbing Mount Everest, unless you’re brave enough to face the hardships of the cold weather.


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