Keep Your Mind Focus On Becoming A Hero, Even If You Feel Like A Loser In Life!


Let’s Be Real

The small wins count the most. The road I walked on hasn’t been easy. I’ve taken the least resistant road to the easy life without any challenges. Being comfortable was like staying home during the cold winter nights, drinking hot cocoa and watching Christmas films under the warm fire. The world we live in can sometimes be overbearing with danger and setbacks, which leaves many of us to question ourselves if anything is worth fighting for.

Nothing is easy in life when you’re alone. Being alone can leave you vulnerable to hidden attacks. Your inner demons are like shadow ninjas, ready to strike you down from the shadows of your own insecurities.

In the face of life, I’ve always wanted someone to love me. However, I’ve always lost sight of the broken-hearted soul who needs true love. That person was me. Pleasing others for acceptances is like selling your soul to the devil, only for the devil to curb stomp you at any given moment when you’re no longer valuable.

Nobody is going to really help you throughout the darkest trials and tribulations that you face in your own world (your mind).

Some of us don’t recognize who we truly are because we lie to ourselves for no good reason. We keep feeding our brains with pure utter booger nonsense. Or better worse, we’re constantly trying to fit in someone else’s skin for approval.

Look, I’ve been single all of my life. I’m still single today, but I have a dream that is keeping me going, although I still feel alone in this world. I’ve been called retarded. I’ve been called a loser. I’ve felt utterly useless of knowing what the hell I want to do with my life.

My life may seem like a complete waste because of the past, but I told myself that If God has given me another day to live, I’m going to do what’s important to me from now on. I can’t die a freaking loser with a limitless amount of untapped potential. I also told myself, If I can’t push myself to do what it is that I love, I might as well burn in hell with regrets. 

I’m not as successful as it is, however, I’m starting to slowly live my life.

I’m back in school finishing up my degree, I’m writing blogs without getting paid, I’m learning a language that’s difficult as hell, I went to two world premiere movie events in one week in Hollywood (I freaking saw two films that are not even out yet), and I just recently signed up for a voice acting class.

Sometimes I do feel like a loser, but I know for a fact that I’m here in this life to inspire at least one person. That one person is me! At your lowest breaking point in life, you have to be your own superhero, even when you feel depressed or hopeless. You can’t always rely on other people to be there for you because they won’t always be there for you when you need them the most.

Once you inspire yourself to be at your best, you can inspire the world to live at its best.

The only threat we face in our daily lives is the demons inside of our own minds. They are cancerous and nasty vile critters. I’m not entirely sure what the future will bring, nevertheless, I have to keep going because there’s only one hero in this life, and that hero is yourself.

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