It Feels Great Getting An A+ In Japanese!


About ten minutes ago, I checked my canvas school account for Japanese 101 to see what was my final grade in the class. Surprisingly, I received a 96% in the class! All that hard work paid off when I came to class every single day without missing any days, turning in my homework assignments on time, and going to tutoring every so often. To be frank, I love my Japanese 101 class.

Every day was an exciting journey attending class, and having an endless amount of fun interactions while speaking Japanese. I still have trouble speaking the language, but I do enjoy learning as much as I can in such a short semester.

I made quite a bit friends in the class. My sensei is always kind and deeply respectful to her students. She’s definitely one of a kind. Sensei sees potential in me because I take the time to practice and study hard in my Japanese. On two of my oral exams, I scored an “A” on the both of them. I was profoundly eager to succeed in passing a class that I soo deeply love. I’m passionate about learning Japanese because I love the language and culture.

My tutor is such a sweet gem. She’s always pushing me to do better, and not to mention, to come to tutoring every day for some practicing on my writing, my speaking, and also understanding the grammar points that I have trouble grasping the concept of certain particles. I’m thrilled by her warm heart when she cares about her fellow pupils when it comes to succeeding in life. My tutor sees the best in her pupils.

Kanji is fun, Hiragana is easy, Katakana is cool, and remembering some grammar points is difficult but fun.

I’ll never forget why I chose to major in Japanese because it makes me happy. Being back in school gives me hope of a better future. I love what I learn which makes school a lot more interesting.

I will say this once more again, I love my Japanese class!

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