Embrace The Flames Of Fear

Embracing the fiery pits of Hades is such a dangerous move to make. Being engulfed in the flames of hardship, pain, failure, humiliation, doubt, and fear can burn you alive much quicker if your skin isn’t durable.

No matter what you tell yourself, you have to fight your way through the flames of your trials and tribulations. Nothing can stop you but yourself, if you’re not as virtue and valiant as a heavenly samurai warrior of the endless rising sun. Each waking day, be prepared for war. Arm yourself with your most powerful tools, and weapons (your inner best self) that can defeat the limiting beliefs and fears that can surpass your weakening state of hopelessness.

Riding along the waves of molten lava is not soo uncanny. Unless your surfing board is made of the strongest piece of faith and hope; how will you burn into a fried crispy shrimp with such unwavering faith?

You must be willing to face your dreams without any traces of cowardice. You must be willing to take action even when your fears are overwhelming, hauntingly, terrifyingly gruesome to proceed onwards with.

Getting rid of fear is by all means hard. It’s not a simple feat to obtain, however, you must do the things you truly fear, in order to be truly free from the bonds of limitations and also from the constrictions of living a dying life of hopelessness.

There’s nothing more promising than becoming the strongest hero in your own story. Death is not too far off from any of us. Any day, our lives can be over without a doubt of any sorts.

Cherish the battles you face in the flames of life because somebody is looking for a sign of encouragement and hope. Our light can never be blown away by the dark winds of evil, our light will only cease to exist if we give our limitless power to our fears.

In this life, fight against your fears and don’t run away from them. If you want to be merry, successful, free, or limitless, see yourself being the chosen light in this universal plane of opportunities.

Embrace the flames of fear, and never see yourself dying in the ashes of regrets.

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