You’re Your Own Greatest Threat Against Success!

You’re Your Own Greatest Threat!

Every day we face challenges. Majority of the time, we avoid the things we must do in order to be successful. We’re comfortable like a sloth. We’re lazy like a bear sleeping most of the time, and eating honey without a care in the world. We play the limit game on what we can’t do. We always blame others for our problems in life. We always tend to forget, we are our own greatest and worst enemy on the face of this earth!

The pitiful weakling I look at every single day in the mirror, is myself. Reality check incoming!!! 

You gotta be a hard teacher on yourself, and point out every flaw and weaknesses that needs to be changed immediately.

I usually feel like a complete sucker thinking my life is sometimes good, however, the real feeling inside of me is dead. I sometimes think to myself, Why am I not living my life the way I want to? Why am I soo scared of being judged by others when they don’t even give rats a** about me or my life? Why am I still stuck at a job that sucks? Why do I fear change when I know it’s going to save my life? Why am I incredibly stupid? Why do I fear challenges? Why do I mostly fear of letting out the real me? 

Start asking yourself the hardest questions about yourself. Let out the real you, and speak the truth without any sugar-coating words of comfort. Believe me, it will do you justice.

Recognize the simple fact that you’re facing a battle within yourself. Nobody is to blame for your miseries or failures. Stop adding comfort to your life and thinking you’re the head shogun of your fortress. Be real with yourself,  and stop lying to yourself that everything is good because life will burn you alive in the furnace of regrets.

You may not wear a symbol on your chest, however, you do wear your own special brand that symbolizes the real you. Live the real you with purpose. Life is a never-ending battle with no breaks at all. You’ll get wounded painfully, but you must never give up your power to your inner weaknesses and doubts.

Challenge yourself every day of getting out of La La Land, and also stepping outside the realm of the matrix. You got a lifelong mission to accomplish, don’t comprise it for a little paycheck or for a sweet homemade apple pie from Aunt Shirley.



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