The Super Blogger Duper Award! (C. Capablanca)

I’m still learning how to draw lol.

The Super Blogger Duper Award Winner: “C. Capablanca”! (

C. Capablanca has been awarded the most prominent award in blogger history: The Super Blogger Duper Award, for best blogger in the super positivity community. C. Capablanca has played an important role in the lives of others, she is definitely the MVP in what she does.

Her writing is purely magical and limitless! – Unknown Fan

I see the brightest days, and warmest nights by her words of wisdom. Learning how to fly in life had been a struggle for me, but I’d learned a few new tricks from someone who had kept me going.

Heroes do exist in the blogging community! (You’re loved C.Capablanca!) – Super Blogger Critic 

C. Capablanca is a powerful writer with a heart of a thousand suns. She truly cares about others and sees the good in people. No matter how bad you have fallen deep into the abyss, she will always lend you a helping hand. She doesn’t judge anyone, she inspires others to grow into a person worth being loved. She loves everyone which why she’s awesome!

C. Capablanca is the real superwoman to this world. She may be able to bend the fabric of reality because her heart is in the right place of making beautiful changes. No matter how bad the world gets, she’s always lifting others up from the ground and spreading love to the helpless.

Enlightened by the power of love, has made C. Capablanca a victorious woman to humanity. With an incredible beautiful heart, C.Capablanca reminds me of a famous anime character from the film, Howl’s Moving Castle (Sophie), By Hayao Miyazaki.

Thank you for being my friend, and an inspiration to me. Keep flying towards a peaceful future of hope, love, faith, tenderness, and kindness.

Do yourself a favor… never lose heart C.Capablanca! 🙂



2 Comments on “The Super Blogger Duper Award! (C. Capablanca)

  1. Lionheart… 😢

    You are so humble, I am the one who should be thanking you. Thanks very much. Your beautiful words are not only uplifting and empowering, but you also write them so beautifully. You express things that I can’t even put into words. English is not my first language. It’s easier for me to listen, read and understand, rather than articulating my thoughts and writing about it.

    I enjoy reading your articles, I love how you write about the universe, superheroes, velociraptor, matrix, etc. in a way that it inspires and motivates everyone. You are so talented and creative. You know it already, my favourite is your beautiful matrix article. It made me realise that life is about choices. I’ve also realised that we don’t need to always take life too seriously. Everything must be in balance.

    Your beautiful words are so powerful! You are an inspiration to all of us. You inspire everyone to keep chasing our goals and passion. To be fearless and keep on fighting for our dreams. To keep on learning and improving. Thank you. I have learnt a lot from you. You are awesomely amazing! 👏

    You are the sweetest! You melt my heart. This is so overwhelming for me. It brought tears to my eyes. (**tears of joy**)

    I deeply appreciate your time and effort. Thank you for this beautiful gift. Thank you for taking your precious time writing your sweet post and for the beautiful drawing. Thank you for being my friend.

    Super Saiyan love and Kamehameha Wave light. 💖

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    • I appreciate everything you write about! You deserve all the honor in what you do, and write about. Your words are always uplifting in spiritual tone. I’m thankful for your lovely words of inspiration. You’re a true superhero C. Capablanca. Don’t ever doubt yourself because you’re making a difference to the lives of others and me!😊

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