Legend Has It That You’re Worth More Than A Piece Of Gold Brick!


The Gold Brick Vs The Golden Heart 

Gold. Gold is worth a lot, wouldn’t you say? I take it you’ll become a rich fellow if you were able to obtain a vast amount of wealth and treasures for yourself. Don’t worry, it can’t be helped by just spinning around in a circle in your mind, just thinking about a future where it’s raining gold bricks on top of your pool. That would seriously be wicked! Well to be honest, seriously cool in my deepest opinion.

Where am I’m getting at with this, you might wonder in that big brilliant brain of yours? If you wanna know, put on your seatbelts because the ride is going to be slow as a slug trying to inject some superhero serum to become faster than the speeding Bullet Train.

Gold is not merely the highest riches to obtain, because the Gold you’re looking for will not take you up to the afterlife of pure contentment. It’s meaningless to be chasing the riches of Gold. You’re chasing an endless amount of cheese on a spinning wheel with no chief aim, or greater purpose that will satisfy your will to live.

The real Gold that can be found, is in you.  Money, Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Gold, and Silver can’t compare to your living embodiment of uniqueness.

It’s sad to realize in life, that whenever you work for a company for over 10 to 30 years, you find out that you’ve been replaced. To the eyes of society, you’re replaceable.

Heart-wrenching it is to suffer a fate, of not being valued for your services to the world and to your community. People don’t realize that most the greatest, and the most powerful gem exist inside themselves.

There’s value in all of us. We’re worth more than a billion dollar check, and we’re definitely worth more than Mansa Musa’s entire wealth. Nothing can dispel the value of who you are as a person of unique characteristics.




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