Give Yourself A Power Boost When You Feel Tired!


Take Your Life Seriously 

If you see your life as an old boring television sitcom show, change the channel immediately before you’re trapped in limbo (which could possibly be for the rest of your life, if you’re not mindful on where you’re headed).

Be more adventurous as you can because living in your thoughts is utterly useless. Imagining a life worth daydreaming about is fine and all, but in the long run, each minute, each hour, each day, and each year is being wasted by living in your head. The more you entertain your thoughts, while you never decide to take action on a dream will only bring in miss misery into your story.

If you got something to live for, be alive in the present, and look at all the options you have in your personal arsenal of creative tools to innovate a life that can free you from boredom and depression.

Don’t fear the hidden superpowers that dwells inside of you.

I’ve noticed, I possess uncanny superhuman abilities that has moved me towards an astonishing level (every one of us has uncanny superhuman abilities). The power of having a passion, the power of having a strong vision, the power of having a family, the power of being your own best friend, the power of being in love, the power of being genuinely free, the power of being a leader, and the power of becoming an actual superhero.

I’m nowhere near superhero level yet, but each day gives me a purpose of becoming someone who’s believed in change.

On most days, I feel tired. I feel like giving up on important dreams, and goals of mine that have made me stronger for the past few years. My negativity seems to be overwhelming at times, but I know that my heart wants me to be happy no matter how angry I may be on my worst days.

I’m not here to let you any of you down. I’m just a human being finding freedom from the evil that’s around, and I strongly believe in the power of generating positive energy. Positive energy is a power, we all knowingly can generate within ourselves to boost our levels of tenacity.

My strongest boost that has helped me stay positive; is my family, my close friends, my drive to keep love alive in my heart towards finding the right one, my vision, my dreams, my goals, knowing who Jesus is, and my blogger friend (you know who you are!)

No motivational videos can give you the strongest power boost to keep you motivated, positive, alive, healthy, and happy.

Love, by all means, has been my main driving force during the most difficult times of my life. I’m always apologizing, I’m always trying to make an effort to love those who drive me nuts, I’m always making an effort finding true love even though I’ve failed hundreds of times, I’m always trying to come up with a plan towards traveling the world and living abroad while I don’t possess the funds, and I’m always making an effort in believing myself by doing something that drives me to success.

I’m Doing This Because Of You

I’m doing this because I want you to be proud of me. I’m doing this so that you’ll always love me for making a difference in your life. I’m doing this because I want to be a superhero worth remembering. I’m doing this because I want to really live. I’m doing this because I want to reach my fullest potential. I’m doing this because my life is short. I’m doing this because you mean a lot to me.



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