Reading A Book Will Save Your Life!

Reading a book is better than watching tv. Reading comic books is better than watching any superhero films.

In general, reading a book or comic book is more productive and spiritually nourishing. Getting sucked into the fantasy, or nonfiction world is by far an incredible experience when you’re deeply invested in any story that captures your eyes and imagination.

Reading a book can teach many aspects of life whether that’s becoming a superhero with outstanding morals and values, chasing a specific goal or dream, finding peace in your heart, falling in love and also understanding the principles of love, appreciating the sentimental values of life, and becoming a better person for the sake of humanity.

I love reading non-fiction, comic books, science fiction, adventure tales, manga books, fantasy tales, mystery novels, and educational topics.

Reading has literally been my best friend since 2016. I have this deep connection with understanding an esoteric tone that some readers can relate to. The power of reading is infinite and rewarding. Your imagination kicks in like a rocket ship that’s ready to lift off into space. Sometimes it’s a pleasurable gift just reading interesting stories that make you fall in love with a book or become deeply depressed after going on an epic long ride.

Reading is a life-changing gift that has become apart of my life. I’ll never be satisfied in my life If I ever gave up on reading. Picking up an amazing book that could change your life is definitely rewarding.

Key Reward’s: Reading a book for at least 1 hour day can help you improve your reading comprehension, vocabulary, imagination, creativity, and your writing skills.

Never stop reading because the benefits, and experiences are worth the journey of finding fulfillment in this life (My personal opinion).

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