What We Need To Recognize Today!

I’m no Grand Master or DragonSlayer, I’m but a wanderer seeking self-freedom from the facade of lies and deception.

Everything in this walk of life is frightening at times, yet I’ve always remembered the beauty that still exists in this unbalanced world.

Not everyone is born evil, and those who’ve been hated by society are able to seek redemption because there’s hope intact.

Humans by nature are selfish, negative minded, hateful, bullies, tormentors, crazy in their own ways, mean, cruel, greedy, hostile, malicious, spiteful, gossipers, envious, prideful, hopeless, depressed, and utterly toxic.

No human being on planet Earth is a saint like Jesus Christ. The majority of all of us are imperfect human beings with an ugly counterpart. Try dodging a bullet on that one!

Out of due respect and love, stop pretending to be a god that can live for eternity, and live your life as a mortal with only one life to live that’s running out soon. Live your life with hope and respect for those who need healing. Life, as it is, is already spiraling down a black hole by all of the toxicity that’s already being accepted as something that’s normal. We gotta unplugged ourselves from the evilness that’s being promoted from those who want to see us be divided.

We’re not perfect whatsoever, let alone we have to fight a greater enemy which is our own evil demented entity that lives in our mind.

Be careful of your daily actions, and have your eyes set on a path of self-freedom from a world that doesn’t love the sight of unity as brothers and sisters.

Not everyone will come into an agreement of seeking unity, just as Magneto disagrees with Professor Xavier about Mutants and Humans coexisting as brothers and sisters. The only weapon that can ever save this world is true love. Hate is the destruction of all things, and it surely doesn’t promote peace as a fine fact.



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