Don’t Reveal Your Ace Cards To The People Who Want To Destroy You

Far off in the distant lands, dreams do exist for a definite purpose and an exceptional reason for you alone. The need to play all of your cards out on the battlefield will not only leave an opening that will hit you face forward, but many external/internal attacks will also come from every direction to strike you down. Be prepared to defend yourself!

It’s fairly important to have your ace cards up your sleeves when people are trying to take you down. Whether that’s calling you nasty races slurs, crushing your dreams, bullying you, calling you out on every mishap in your life, reminding you of your past, telling you that you’ll never amount to anything, or making rash judgments of your character.

The ace cards that are up sleeves should be kept a secret. Let alone, the ace cards that you have up your sleeves will be your tools towards your journey of freedom, prosperity, success, personal growth, a family of your own, and a fellowship of new friends and mentors. Each of these cards contains a power that’s incredibly beyond your own comprehension. Many of those who don’t see greatness in you, will only just see you like a spider that deserves to be crushed.

Spiders are feared by millions of people in the world. Why do people fear spiders? They’re terrifying freakish insects. They also leave nasty bite marks too.

Think of yourself as a spider. People fear you because you’re a threat. Not necessarily a threat like Venom, but a threat that can change humanity for a greater purpose.

In order to change the world, you must go beyond the opinions of what people believe of you, and become a boundless being with infinite might.

Never reveal the ace cards that will grant you success in your life, if you do, the parasites who lingering in the day, and night will ultimately destroy you on the battlefield.


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