No Makeup Will Ever Make You Beautiful Enough Because God Loves You The Way You Are

architecture-back-view-daylight-1211847 No Makeup Can Take Away The Real You

God loves you no matter what you say about yourself. No makeup of any sort can’t hide the real you. The real you is a magnificent gift from The Divine Universal Creator Himself. True beauty is found within the heart and soul.

What’s important for you, is to know that you’ll always be beautiful no matter what. Looks do not matter to God. He still thinks you’re beautiful whether you keep calling yourself fat or ugly. Heavenly Father still deems you as a stunning masterpiece. Never judge yourself harshly because of the societal high expectations of what true beauty needs to looks like.

Put down that fashion magazine, and also stop following into the Hollywood trends on how beauty is defined.

You’re always beautiful because God says so, and that’s final. You can’t debate on that tough love can ya.


3 Comments on “No Makeup Will Ever Make You Beautiful Enough Because God Loves You The Way You Are

    • The important message of the day is defining how you see yourself as a child of God? Nevertheless, everyone is beautiful in their own ways. Ugly is a terrible word that shouldn’t exist at all.

      Thank you very kindly! I’m working on bettering myself day by day which is a full-time job lol. You’re words are always encouraging to me, and you’re the real champion of this blog.

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      • Beautiful words from a beautiful gentleman. Yes, indeed! We are all God’s children. God created mankind in His own image. Everyone is beautiful, God makes no mistakes. Beauty is all around us.

        You are so sooo sweet! I am truly humbled by your kind words. Thanks very much. I am also trying my best to improve myself every single day. It’s a struggle for me, I constantly make mistakes (oopps! 😅). You are the champion! 😁

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