Evolution Limit Breaker

The stakes are set high. You’re in a battle that’s a life and death situation. You don’t have the strength or willpower to keep on fighting, but something in you speaks a never forgotten lesson.

“Don’t you ever lose again! We’ve lost many battles from the past because you’d made many lame excuses as to why you’re not strong enough, brave enough, handsome enough, intelligent enough, and rich enough! We’ve been through a lot. We’ve gone through the best times of our life, and even the worst times of our life.

Why now. Why now should you just give up? You made mistakes just like everyone else, and guess what… life doesn’t end there! Life keeps on going as the way it should. As long as you’re alive today, you must keep on living and keep fighting till heart body can’t lift itself up. Fight until your body is broken down into dust, fight until your mind is about to explode as a supernova, fight until your heart gives out, fight until you your tears have just run out, fight until you’ve finally made it to the top of Mt.Everest.

One last thing, If you ever quit on me, I’ll keep reminding on your greatest accomplishments you’d made in this life. You’re not a loser, so stop living like one. Your life isn’t worthless, and you know you can make a difference. Believe in your abilities and make me proud. I’m not always here to fight against you. I’m apart of you, your good conscience side. I’m your only true friend who can’t help you quit any addictions, overcome any barriers, fight any challenges, and make you do incredible things that will change your life forever. I want you to trust me on this, no matter what happens in life I’ll always be there for you. You and I are limit breakers. We can overcome anything because we work as a team.

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