The Power Of A Loving Heart


Love is a fragment of strength, persistence, hope, faith, courage, creativity, and imagination. Without possessing love in one’s heart, we would be driven to a state of anger, frustration, misery, hatred, envy, jealousy, malice, vengefulness, rage, vanity, greed, and selfishness.

The power of love is unbeatable when the stakes are against those who carry love as an infinite shield.

We do live in a fifty-fifty sided world that is split into a two-sided coin. We have the loving and caring people, and we have the negative minded people who only sees the worst in everything. Not to mention, the negative minded people cause trouble and strife against its brother’s and sister’s.

We live in an equally balanced world that represents a yin/yang.

Love in its own sense does outweigh the negative forces tremendously. No matter how much negative energy you may have, you can’t blast your way through an unmovable mountain that has bathed in the pool of love.

Love is something that you can’t take away from someone’s heart, no matter how terrifying and powerful you presume yourself to be.







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