Question Yourself: Inner Dialogue?

Have You Been Saying These Sayings Often?

It’s not worth it anymore

I’m just not motivated to do anything

I’m too fat

I’m not smart enough to do math or science

I’ve always been a loser most of my life, so why should I try my best?

Everybody thinks I’m ugly

I’m a failure

I can’t leave that terrible job that’s making me sad

Who could ever love a person like me?

I can’t find a job because I’ve been fired from 60 jobs in the past

God doesn’t love a nobody like me

I should just give up on my dreams since I’m getting nowhere

I’m just sick and tired of everything that’s been happening in my life

I can’t feel happy about myself because I’m always depressed

Nobody doesn’t understand me or love me at all

Why do people hate me?

Ask yourself?

Can I change my own inner dialogue, and also change my own life for the better? 

What can I do to be the next millionaire as a 60-year-old man or woman?

How can I attract the right man or woman in my Life?

What makes me ultimately attractive?

What makes me get up everyone morning?

Why do I choose to live?

What makes me happy?

What am I passionate about?

How can I self-discipline myself?

How can I be overall successful in my finances, health, relationship, business, job, or life in general?

How can I be a positive influence today?

How will my actions/words change the lives of others?

What is my ultimate goal in life that I must act on at this moment?

How can I get myself out of debt within six months?

How can I change my attitude?

How can I utilize my time effectively?

How can I quit my job, and do something that will make me even happier?

What can I do that will make an impact on the world today?

What can I do that nobody has done before?

What steps can I take to get to point A to point B?

Ask Yourself

At the end of the day, are you pleased with yourself for believing in those naughty lies you’ve been telling yourself for most of your life?


Are you pleased, by applying the positive questionnaires you’ve been asking yourself that has tremendously changed your life?



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