You’re The Chosen One (Don’t Neglect Your Life’s Mission For An Easy Life)


The Chosen One 

You’re not an average person because you’re capable of becoming an extraordinary human being. It’s not my place to grant you infinite power and wisdom, however, it’s your calling to choose whatever path you seek. You’re the chosen one for a reason. There was a reason for your existences in this life. You can draw upon the willingness to thrive on whatever you seek with a strong desire and determine mindset. All the good things come from following your own journey. The chosen one doesn’t neglect his or her calling. Failure to act in accordance with your role will not only be detrimental to you, but it will cripple you for life if you don’t follow your own way.

A Leader Who Bears The Chosen Mark To Lead (Everyone Has The Power To Lead)

Me and Harley Quinn!

Self-confidence along with self-discipline are the two key factors of being a great leader.  Everyone one of us has the chosen mark to actually lead others in a chosen field that suits our hearts and desires. If you’re not doing something you love, you will not easily develop self-confidence nor self-discipline. Doing something you simply love will help you become an excellent leader and teacher. Being the chosen one has the best perks and qualities that you can earn, but only if you’re willing to accept the mantle-hood of becoming a leader and friend to others.

Simple Tools That Might Be Helpful Towards Fulfilling Your Role, As The Chosen One 

  • Start By Creating The Best You (Building up your own self-worth by doing the most challenging things that will help you succeed)
  • Read as many books on your chosen field
  • Create Value On Building A life That Others Dream About On A Daily Basis (Lead those who truly seek freedom from the rat race or 9 to 5 lifestyle, that is making them miserable)
  • Eliminate Fear Once In For All (By all means, take care of this problem with every ounce of effort and mental strength that you have)
  • Strengthen Your Voice, Body, and Spirit
  • See The Good In Everything
  • Challenge Your Mindset To Not Think Of The Worst Case Scenario’s
  • Believe Yourself To Be The Person You Want To Be (Don’t let the past hinder you from growing into becoming the chosen one)
  • Take As Many Good Risks As You Can (Accept Failure, And Keep Moving Forward As Would A Samurai Would Do)
  • Build Yourself A Chosen One Resume (It can simply look like a job resume except, this is your official job of becoming the chosen one. List all of the qualities you want to obtain and the skills sets you want to develop or learn)
  • Remember, You’re A Student Becoming The Chosen One. Seek A Mentor Or Teacher Who Has An Interest In Your Vision. Allow Them To Guide You Along The Bandwagon.  Every leader was once a student before they became a marvelous leader.
  • Keep On Failing. Don’t Let Failure Become Your Universal Enemy, But Let It Become Your Teacher. We’re Always Taking A Test Every Single Day. The Final Exam Is Something We Must Be Ready For.

The Chosen Path Is The Hardest Path To Take

We will be hated and jeered at by following the chosen path. In the final moment of our lives, had we done what needed to be done. Was it worth it being laughed at, being hated, getting rejected, being a black sheep, and also being cursed upon by tragedies? Only you can answer that question for yourself by knowing was it worth it in the end?

The only thing you should mainly fear in life is not following the chosen path that will transform you into the most superlative person. Regret is not someone you should meet at the end of your life.

Consider yourself the chosen one, and allow your enthusiasm and tenacity to generate the greatest asset that lies within you.




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