You Were Brought Unto This Earth To Make A Difference

You’re Special To Us All

I got something to officially announce to you my friends: You were brought onto this earth like Kal-El (Superman) to make a difference in the lives of others. Don’t me get wrong, but you don’t have Supermans powers, which would be great and scary at the same time if you did.

In all honesty, we’re all gifted superhumans in some way. Some of you or most of you are professional writers at heart and spirit. Some of you are probably gifted singers, dancers, race car drivers, artists, programmers, actors, actresses, teachers, musicians, motivational speakers, mechanics, and etc. The point is, is that everyone one of you was born into this planet to do something worth while that will bring joy and happiness to oneself or to others.

Our infinite light can never die out by the dark tidal waves of failure, rejections, and the sayings that can kill a man’s or woman’s drive to succeed.

No Human Being Is Utterly Useless

Humans sometimes forget that we’re all brothers and sisters fighting the same war. A war of seeking true freedom, and fulfillment in this current life that we all live in at this very moment.

Every being on this planet has an infinite amount of worth and value. Every invention that was created by the great inventors in history all share the same thing; a positive and creative imagination. It’s impossible to be the next Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Fred Flintstone, Michael Jackson, Thomas Edison, Kanye West, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Stephen Spielberg, or Nikola Tesla. What’s possible is that you can become your own inventor. You don’t have to be someone else to succeed, because this is your story that you’re telling your loved ones or followers out there. You have the ability to create new ideas that can either save, or benefit someone’s life who’s struggling to meet ends meet.

I always here this saying that God doesn’t create useless things. In reality, you’re not a useless person. You’re a wonderful human being that has the burning potential to exceed all odds that’s stacked against you. All it takes is a jump from leaving the plantation of comfort and mediocrity, to the land of riches and dreams by taking a huge risk.

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