Life Is One Big Maze That We Must All Go Through


Sometimes Life Seems Like A Maze

There are those days when I feel like I’m going the right way, and there are also many of those days that I feel like I’m going completely the wrong way. It seems quite puzzling not knowing exactly if you should trust your own intuition when following through a goal, or to be exact a dream.

Nevertheless, life is all about walking through the uncertain maze that will lead you to dead ends, or excellent opportunities that lie hidden within the maze. It won’t always be easy finding your way out, but if you keep on moving and working out a concrete plan to reach the end of the golden brick road, surely you’ll be surprised that there’s always a way out of the maze.

Many that walk through the maze of life will never find their way out. Here are ten reasons why:

10 Reason’s Why You’re Stuck In The Maze

  1. Not following your own vision
  2. Lack of Self-Discipline/ Faith In Oneself
  3. Procrastination
  4. Overconsumption of negativity
  5. Lack of positive energy
  6. Creating a life story of excuses for… Inaction/ Being Indecisive about making prompt decisions  
  7. Listening to negative people who will derail your goals by negative inflicting words
  8. Lack of Self-Confidence
  9. Believing that you’re too old to be successful
  10. Allowing yourself to remain in your comfort zone for the rest of your life

I can relate to most of these that I just stated on this list. In our daily walk of life, we should be well prepped to overcome the adversities and limitations, that will shatter us like a glass cup if we don’t sustain ourselves with the water of faith and positivity.

Find Your Way Out Of The Maze


Only the open-minded, curious, and well-driven individuals will make their breakthrough out of the maze. Once we start accepting who we really are as a person, and what we can offer that’s valuable to others, we can start to see the narrow way out of the maze. Only very few people in the walk of life will be successful, which is why it’s important for you to be different and have your own set of rules to follow.


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