What Role Model’s Can Teach You About Life


Role Models

A role model is a person that we admire who’s successful in any field of life. This role model can be your tremendous source of inspiration, and motivation whenever you’re feeling completely down in the gutters.

Role models can essentially be a teacher, mentor, best friend, brother, sister, celebrity, actor, actress, mother, father, grandpa, grandma, or even a fictional character.

 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Fictional Characters (Prince Vegeta & Son Goku)

Lessons From Prince Vegeta (The Prince Of All Saiyans)

  1. Always rise above your limitations and never settle for second place in anything in life
  2. Stay consistent on improving yourself
  3. Remain true to your vision and dreams
  4. Never cast aside love for power
  5. Let love be your source of strength whenever you’re facing a difficult situation in life
  6. Never lose hope when you don’t see progress
  7. Don’t let anyone push you around
  8. Don’t ever create excuses for yourself, and get your sh** done
  9. It’s okay to sometimes be upset when you don’t meet a certain objective
  10. Have respect for yourself
  11. Be proud of where you come from
  12. Keep your body in maximum shape

Lessons From Son Goku

  1. Challenge yourself on a daily basis
  2. Reach new heights and never remain in the same place for the rest of your life
  3. Be yourself and smile a lot
  4. Eat a lot of food for gaining muscles
  5. Never allow fear to stop you from doing what needs to be done
  6. Create a life worth remembering
  7. Be a leader and a true friend
  8. Always forgive your worst enemies no matter what
  9. Create new opportunities in life
  10. Practice consistently on your craft
  11. Never give up… PERIOD!
  12. Be courageous


These were some lessons I’ve stored in my heart from my favorite two characters in fictional history. I hope this will help some of you gentlemen, and ladies in your daily grind towards success.



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