Being Alone In Life Doesn’t Make You A Loser


Being Alone Is Not Always Bad

Being alone in life doesn’t make you a loser at all. Being alone gives you the perspective of seeing yourself for who you are and what you need to work on.

I’ve spent some days by myself reflecting on my odd life. I’ve noticed many flaws and stupid mistakes from the past that I could have avoided if I’d trusted myself to face the unknown.

No matter what the opposition you throttle with in life, just remember that you’re always going to be fighting alone when you’re going through the fiery pits of hell.

Some people who you love and trust will not always be there for you. We only have ourselves when the going gets strenuous. The battles we face on a daily basis will determine if we’re going to be successful, or remain a failure until we decide not to give up or retreat to the easy victories to mediocrity.

Forging Your Spiritual Armor

From what I learn throughout my journey of life is, is that you need to build yourself up spiritually. Better yet, forge yourself a spiritual armor that will protect you from the negative influences of this world, and also from the nonexistent reality (The F.E.A.R Mindset= False Evidence Appearing Real) that we unconsciously create for ourselves.

By having a fortified spiritual armor, you’ll be able to face the hardships of life and also the mental battles when nobody is fighting alongside with you. Personally, It truly does hurt when someone you love abandons you or departs from this world while you’d always relied on them for support and guidance.

Lions (Successful Individuals) are fearsome fighters who usually stands alone when the world is stacked against them. Self-reliance is an important skill that we must all develop because life will present itself many tragedies and broken dreams that sometimes can’t be mended.

As human beings, we’re the most spectacular species in this universal. We’re unique individuals with a population of over six billion human beings on this flourishing planet of ours.

There’s always something special about everyone and even those who think they’re forgotten. God loves all of us regardless if we feel alone.

Our homeless brothers and sisters around the world, are fighting a difficult war trying to survive without any help. They long for those to understand them while they’re alone in the darkness of life.

No matter what you go through in life, always remember that you have the power to challenge yourself to survive on your own (Don’t neglect seeking out help, if you’re struggling financially, mentally, or physically). It’s vital for us all to have the ability and spiritual armor to conquer our greatest fear of being alone in life. Happiness can be found within ourselves if we look deep into our hearts, and remember who we are as a human being.

2 Comments on “Being Alone In Life Doesn’t Make You A Loser

  1. we came into this world alone & will depart all alone. It is really encounter when your very own people abandons you during hard time but that is when you realise that its youuu & has always been you all by yourself into the healing journey. We as humans mostly long for an emotional company but we should learn to be emotionally independent.

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    • Being alone is tough. In life, you have to be your own hero in the dark hours of tribulations. True strength comes from suffering. Not everyone is going to help you, but you alone. Never give up in this life because there’s always hope at the end of the road.

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