Leave Behind The Old You, And Become The Better You


The road to life is short. Many of us believe that our journey in life is long and hard, but how I see it is, is that our lifespan is limited. We’re not immortal god’s who can conquer a thousand years of sitting on our butts by not working on improving ourselves. I’m guilty of wasting many precious years being a loser, by not going after what will make me happy before I even hit the dust when I’m in my 90’s, or at least in my 120’s (If God himself allows me to live that long).

Through my experiences in life, I’ve always been told negative things about myself. I’ve believed the worst things about myself, and my life has been shaped by negative suggestions from people. Our subconscious mind is always at work. If you don’t pay attention to your words, actions, thoughts, and what enters into your mind (The subconscious mind will either take favor of your negative suggestions, or positive suggestions that will ultimately hard-wired your brain for the greater worst or the greater good)… you’re headed down a difficult road that will lead to depression, failure, misery, sadness, doubt, fear, regrets, poverty, and helplessness.

Trust me on this, because I’ve gone through many saddening days by not taking radical action on following my golden compass to my own version of success.

Time is extremely short. Our own lives as individuals should be taken care of with unconditional love and with professional care. If you don’t love yourself, I encourage you to do something that you love (You need to be passionate about it) and do it every single day without making any excuses. It can be something big or something small, but take the time every single day to just do that one thing. Provide abundance and value to your humanly unique self.

I personally regret wasting my life playing countless hours of video games, people pleasing, making endless excuses, hiding my true gift because of what others might think of me, watching a large amount of television/ movies, eating food’s that’s killing me (Junk food’s), being on social media, allowing fear to dictate my life, being shy, and always being indecisive.

Don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past. Your life is your greatest asset, take good care of yourself, and pay the price for true freedom. The freedom of living the life you truly seek and desire for yourself or family is always worth fighting for. Freedom does come with a heavy price, and you must be willing to make a huge sacrifice to see the twilight stars come to fruition. Live courageously and remember; the moment you don’t make a move on going after what you want is the moment you’ve created your own misery that will lead to regrets. 

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