You’re The Main Prize

I drew this picture a while back on my Japanese notebook.

No matter how useless you feel, no matter how weak you are, and no matter who you are, you’re the ‘Main Prize’ in this life. Continue growing as a person because you’ll never know what you might achieve.

If you’re desperately searching for love, start loving yourself as if you were the main prize. Don’t ever let anyone judge you for not being with someone. It sometimes sucks not having the love of your life in your life, however, your job is to focus on yourself. You’re the main prize whether the world has turned its back on you, or has treated you like garbage. Your life has meaning.

You’re the main prize that’s loved by the very few loyal people (the 1% out of the 99%) who’ve experienced being broken.

Treat yourself like a worthy king and queen.

The Beauty Of Learning How To Draw

Hey, Y’all! I’m back after a long break. I hope every one of you is having a great year so far. I’ve procrastinated on writing on this blog for certain reasons, however, I’m back and ready.

During the winter break, I’d taught myself how to draw basic cartoon characters. The process isn’t easy when you’re starting out at a beginners level. Once you enjoy the process of learning how to draw, everything starts to become easier for you.

I could spend hours now drawing animated or retro cartoon character’s.

I’d doubted my ability to draw because I countlessly believed drawing was impossible to do at my age. All in all, I proved my doubts wrong in this category.

If you want to learn how to draw, I would recommend learning from an expert artist. I’m no expert on this topic, however, I would recommend you, folks, to go on YouTube and search up tutorials on learning how to draw at a beginners level.

Consistency pays off when you’re just having fun drawing a simple circle or line.

It’s never too late to start learning how to draw. I was never born with the gift of an artist, nor did I ever possess the talent whatsoever to draw.

Doubt Is The Killer Of All Realities!


Doubt is dangerous. Doubt is responsible for taking away people’s superpowers by mere words of negativity. Doubt does a splendid job by reminding you of the past failures, mistakes, humiliations, and the soo called self-made limitations.

I’m here to tell you, folks, that having a doubtful mind won’t help you. Doubt is nothing more than a progression stopper. The spirit of doubt will keep you comfortable by living a life of excuses.

It won’t always be easy believing in yourself. No matter how much pain you’ve experienced throughout the cycle of life’s tragedies and failures, doubt will always be barking at your front lawn nonstop. Only you can decide to awaken the heavenly call of a good friend who deeply loves you. I’m referring to that good friend that lives inside of you. A friend who can lift you up from the self-doubt phase.

Building yourself up is a daunting challenge. We should all know this by the promising human flaws that we all possess. Only when you’re serious enough to seek change, your mind will be there to remind you of what areas need to be worked on. Flaws that you suffer with, will need some watering and planting of some good seeds of your hard labor (work).

Perfection won’t always be perfect. Doubting yourself because you’d failed to perfect something within yourself, or a certain skill can easily decimate your confidence. Remember this: All we can do in this life, is to challenge the trails of self-doubt, and never run back to the old trails where we had countlessly walked in utter dismay.

Doubt is the killer of all realities. Envisioning the world you once loved will be difficult to recreate if you are stuck in the doubtful limbo phase.

Can I offer you one stupid piece of advice? Buy your self a ticket to the Himalayas, and climbed Mount Everest without ever doubting yourself. But seriously, don’t take my advice on climbing Mount Everest, unless you’re brave enough to face the hardships of the cold weather.


Keep Your Mind Focus On Becoming A Hero, Even If You Feel Like A Loser In Life!


Let’s Be Real

The small wins count the most. The road I walked on hasn’t been easy. I’ve taken the least resistant road to the easy life without any challenges. Being comfortable was like staying home during the cold winter nights, drinking hot cocoa and watching Christmas films under the warm fire. The world we live in can sometimes be overbearing with danger and setbacks, which leaves many of us to question ourselves if anything is worth fighting for.

Nothing is easy in life when you’re alone. Being alone can leave you vulnerable to hidden attacks. Your inner demons are like shadow ninjas, ready to strike you down from the shadows of your own insecurities.

In the face of life, I’ve always wanted someone to love me. However, I’ve always lost sight of the broken-hearted soul who needs true love. That person was me. Pleasing others for acceptances is like selling your soul to the devil, only for the devil to curb stomp you at any given moment when you’re no longer valuable.

Nobody is going to really help you throughout the darkest trials and tribulations that you face in your own world (your mind).

Some of us don’t recognize who we truly are because we lie to ourselves for no good reason. We keep feeding our brains with pure utter booger nonsense. Or better worse, we’re constantly trying to fit in someone else’s skin for approval.

Look, I’ve been single all of my life. I’m still single today, but I have a dream that is keeping me going, although I still feel alone in this world. I’ve been called retarded. I’ve been called a loser. I’ve felt utterly useless of knowing what the hell I want to do with my life.

My life may seem like a complete waste because of the past, but I told myself that If God has given me another day to live, I’m going to do what’s important to me from now on. I can’t die a freaking loser with a limitless amount of untapped potential. I also told myself, If I can’t push myself to do what it is that I love, I might as well burn in hell with regrets. 

I’m not as successful as it is, however, I’m starting to slowly live my life.

I’m back in school finishing up my degree, I’m writing blogs without getting paid, I’m learning a language that’s difficult as hell, I went to two world premiere movie events in one week in Hollywood (I freaking saw two films that are not even out yet), and I just recently signed up for a voice acting class.

Sometimes I do feel like a loser, but I know for a fact that I’m here in this life to inspire at least one person. That one person is me! At your lowest breaking point in life, you have to be your own superhero, even when you feel depressed or hopeless. You can’t always rely on other people to be there for you because they won’t always be there for you when you need them the most.

Once you inspire yourself to be at your best, you can inspire the world to live at its best.

The only threat we face in our daily lives is the demons inside of our own minds. They are cancerous and nasty vile critters. I’m not entirely sure what the future will bring, nevertheless, I have to keep going because there’s only one hero in this life, and that hero is yourself.

It Feels Great Getting An A+ In Japanese!


About ten minutes ago, I checked my canvas school account for Japanese 101 to see what was my final grade in the class. Surprisingly, I received a 96% in the class! All that hard work paid off when I came to class every single day without missing any days, turning in my homework assignments on time, and going to tutoring every so often. To be frank, I love my Japanese 101 class.

Every day was an exciting journey attending class, and having an endless amount of fun interactions while speaking Japanese. I still have trouble speaking the language, but I do enjoy learning as much as I can in such a short semester.

I made quite a bit friends in the class. My sensei is always kind and deeply respectful to her students. She’s definitely one of a kind. Sensei sees potential in me because I take the time to practice and study hard in my Japanese. On two of my oral exams, I scored an “A” on the both of them. I was profoundly eager to succeed in passing a class that I soo deeply love. I’m passionate about learning Japanese because I love the language and culture.

My tutor is such a sweet gem. She’s always pushing me to do better, and not to mention, to come to tutoring every day for some practicing on my writing, my speaking, and also understanding the grammar points that I have trouble grasping the concept of certain particles. I’m thrilled by her warm heart when she cares about her fellow pupils when it comes to succeeding in life. My tutor sees the best in her pupils.

Kanji is fun, Hiragana is easy, Katakana is cool, and remembering some grammar points is difficult but fun.

I’ll never forget why I chose to major in Japanese because it makes me happy. Being back in school gives me hope of a better future. I love what I learn which makes school a lot more interesting.

I will say this once more again, I love my Japanese class!

Embrace The Flames Of Fear

Embracing the fiery pits of Hades is such a dangerous move to make. Being engulfed in the flames of hardship, pain, failure, humiliation, doubt, and fear can burn you alive much quicker if your skin isn’t durable.

No matter what you tell yourself, you have to fight your way through the flames of your trials and tribulations. Nothing can stop you but yourself, if you’re not as virtue and valiant as a heavenly samurai warrior of the endless rising sun. Each waking day, be prepared for war. Arm yourself with your most powerful tools, and weapons (your inner best self) that can defeat the limiting beliefs and fears that can surpass your weakening state of hopelessness.

Riding along the waves of molten lava is not soo uncanny. Unless your surfing board is made of the strongest piece of faith and hope; how will you burn into a fried crispy shrimp with such unwavering faith?

You must be willing to face your dreams without any traces of cowardice. You must be willing to take action even when your fears are overwhelming, hauntingly, terrifyingly gruesome to proceed onwards with.

Getting rid of fear is by all means hard. It’s not a simple feat to obtain, however, you must do the things you truly fear, in order to be truly free from the bonds of limitations and also from the constrictions of living a dying life of hopelessness.

There’s nothing more promising than becoming the strongest hero in your own story. Death is not too far off from any of us. Any day, our lives can be over without a doubt of any sorts.

Cherish the battles you face in the flames of life because somebody is looking for a sign of encouragement and hope. Our light can never be blown away by the dark winds of evil, our light will only cease to exist if we give our limitless power to our fears.

In this life, fight against your fears and don’t run away from them. If you want to be merry, successful, free, or limitless, see yourself being the chosen light in this universal plane of opportunities.

Embrace the flames of fear, and never see yourself dying in the ashes of regrets.

You’re Your Own Greatest Threat Against Success!

You’re Your Own Greatest Threat!

Every day we face challenges. Majority of the time, we avoid the things we must do in order to be successful. We’re comfortable like a sloth. We’re lazy like a bear sleeping most of the time, and eating honey without a care in the world. We play the limit game on what we can’t do. We always blame others for our problems in life. We always tend to forget, we are our own greatest and worst enemy on the face of this earth!

The pitiful weakling I look at every single day in the mirror, is myself. Reality check incoming!!! 

You gotta be a hard teacher on yourself, and point out every flaw and weaknesses that needs to be changed immediately.

I usually feel like a complete sucker thinking my life is sometimes good, however, the real feeling inside of me is dead. I sometimes think to myself, Why am I not living my life the way I want to? Why am I soo scared of being judged by others when they don’t even give rats a** about me or my life? Why am I still stuck at a job that sucks? Why do I fear change when I know it’s going to save my life? Why am I incredibly stupid? Why do I fear challenges? Why do I mostly fear of letting out the real me? 

Start asking yourself the hardest questions about yourself. Let out the real you, and speak the truth without any sugar-coating words of comfort. Believe me, it will do you justice.

Recognize the simple fact that you’re facing a battle within yourself. Nobody is to blame for your miseries or failures. Stop adding comfort to your life and thinking you’re the head shogun of your fortress. Be real with yourself,  and stop lying to yourself that everything is good because life will burn you alive in the furnace of regrets.

You may not wear a symbol on your chest, however, you do wear your own special brand that symbolizes the real you. Live the real you with purpose. Life is a never-ending battle with no breaks at all. You’ll get wounded painfully, but you must never give up your power to your inner weaknesses and doubts.

Challenge yourself every day of getting out of La La Land, and also stepping outside the realm of the matrix. You got a lifelong mission to accomplish, don’t comprise it for a little paycheck or for a sweet homemade apple pie from Aunt Shirley.